Where we will be showing our many new products and introducing the new ALT’s

BCD Audio are delighted to be exhibiting at SoundPro 2016.

The exhibition is being run by Resolution Magazine, on behalf of the Institute of Professional Sound ( IPS ), and is at Ealing Town Hall, Saturday 24th September from 11AM to 5PM.

Entrance is free to visitors, and more information is to be found at www.resolutionmag.com

BCD are showing for the first time the ALT-2R and ALT-2S microphone amplifiers.

For over 20 years, the ALT-1 automatic microphone amplifier has found a niche at Newsroom desks, Weather booths, and unattended camera installations worldwide.

Over time, variants and accessories were introduced, and these ideas are brought together for the new units, in a winning combination!


• Update of the BCD-ALT-1 and BCD-ALT-1R units.
• XLR Microphone input and line output.
• DC power input on 2.5mm barrel socket.
• D9M for Remote control of Mute and Take, DC power and unbalanced output.


• Replaces the BCD-ALT-1S unit.
• XLR Microphone input and line output.
• DC power input on 2.5mm barrel socket.
• XLR Mono/Stereo line level monitor input.
• Mini-Jack monitor output to drive PC type active loudspeakers.

The microphone amplifier in both units is based on the original unit, and has switchable Phantom power, intelligent gain adjust with ‘TAKE’ level switch, and optimised Compressor, Limiter and AGC functions.

BCD Audio will also have on display our other Black-box units, useful stand-alone, or mounted to our 2U rack mounting kit.


• SPDIF on TOSLINK and Phono socket to AES3 on XLR.
• AES3 on XLR to SPDIF and Phono socket.
• Switchable SRC on both paths, isolating the consumer and professional sides.


• Stereo line level Analogue to AES3 on XLR.
• Free run at 48K sample rate or lock to AES3 reference XLR.

20S4 decoder

• A 20S4 decoder is simple to implement in FPGAs or DSPs. The decoder can be switched between 24bit and 20S4, takes in 24bit samples and creates 32bit samples.


• AES3 to stereo line level analogue on XLR.
• FUniversal 32-192kHZ sample rate.


• AES3 input XLR to ST-multimode fibre
• ST-multimode fibre to AES3 output on XLR.
• This unit allows AES3 to be transported over 2km with minimal delay.


• AES3 input and output on XLR. • Specifically designed to pick up low-level AES3 from long cables. • Extends the range of AES3 to over 500metres.


• AES3 tone generator on XLR. • Switchable range of audio signals to left, right and mono.

Mike and his team look forward to seeing you there.