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The ALT-2R features a Male D9 for simple remote control of the unit.  The HPNS-M may also be powered from the D9


This unit does not come with a power supply – please select the PSU during checkout.

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The BCD Audio Auto Level Takers are high quality microphone amplifiers with automatic gain control designed for use in ‘unattended’ studios and other situations where no sound engineer is present to adjust the level. The two versions operate in the same way and are tuned for the different applications.

The ALT-2R is the standard unit, with balanced inputs and outputs on XLR and remote control options on Dtype.

Ideal for those ‘unattended’ studios, the ALT-2 is capable of accepting signals ranging from -80dB to -20dB, and produces a balanced output at 0dB.

Set up the ALT by pressing the ‘take’ switch. The unit learns the correct gain from the signal, and saves the gain in the non-volatile memory.

Shout for a long time and the ALT backs the gain off.

The ALT-2 accepts DC power, and can phantom power a microphone. Remote control versions and rack mounting adaptors are available.

These units replace the ALT-1, ALT-1R and ALT-1S.

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