Black Box Overview

The BCD Audio Black-box range provides the user with an easy to use series of useful Audio interface products.  Housed in a black anodised case with plastic bezels for free-standing use, can also be mounted on our 2U panels.


ALT-2R : Stand-alone microphone amplifier, with TAKE button more >>


ALT-2S : As ALT-2R but with 3.5mm stereo PC speaker facility more >>


HPNS-M : Powered by the ALT-2R, for Mono Headphone use more >>


HPNS-S : Standalone stereo headphones box, XLR input: more >>


LAB-1 : Range extender for AES-3 balanced cables: more >>


FAB-1 : Bi-directional ST-Fibre to AES3 on XLR converter: more >>


ITB-2F : Bi-directional SPDIF to AES3 on XLR converter: more >>


ATOD-1 : Stereo Balanced audio to AES-3 with reference input: more >>


DTOA-1 : AES3 to Stereo Balanced audio on XLR: more >>


DTG-1 : Digital Tone Generator: more >>

All of the units use a common DC power system, of 12 – 24V, provided on a 2.5mm barrel socket. The units may be powered from third-party units, or BCD can supply suitable power-units.

BCD-UK-PSU for the United Kingdom
BCD-US-PSU for Canada and the USA, and
BCD-EU-PSU for Europe, with Switzerland
BCD can also supply mounting panels allowing up to 4 units to fit in a standard 2U rack space.

You can buy these products directly through our on-line shop: more>>

These units are available at Canford Audio