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The LAB-1 is used to extend the cable run of an AES3 signal. Use at the output of a long, troublesome cable.

Extends AES3 balanced 110R cable from 100metres up to approximately 400metre usable range.


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Low-level AES-3 Recovery Box

The LAB-1 is a low level AES-3 signal recovery box for use where AES-3 digital audio signals have been tortured by excessively long twisted pair cables. By using equalisation techniques before the built-in AES-3 receiver it is possible to successfully recover AES-3 audio from cables as long as 500 metres! Please see our ‘AES-3 Cable Length’ article in the ‘Press’ section.

  • Enables cables up to 500 metres long to be used.
  • AES-3 input on XLR.
  • AES-3 output on XLR.
  • Lock indication on LED indicates recovered data integrity.
  • LED indication of carrier level for long distance lines.
  • DC power inlet 12-24V.

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