BCD - Automatic Programme Changeover unit

The Automatic Programme Changeover unit ( APCU) was first deployed by Merlin Communications in 2002, and revised 2006 to include AES3 and Analogue options. Originally used for BBC World Service distribution, many are also installed around the Middle east, particularly in Oman.

All told, around 400 units were sold.

The options of Programme A / B and Main/Reserve switching were essential to the design. The programme switching by non-volatile copper circuit relays was also very important as it introduced no extra electronics or processing into the signal path to the radio transmitter.

Recently, customers have requested additional processing and level adjustment, and BCD Audio think this is a mistaken idea, and would not improve the reliability of the installation, or quality of the audio path.

Therefore, in 2022 BCD Audio decided to withdraw the unit from general sale

BCD Audio continue to support the product for spares and repairs, although since 2002, we have never had a unit returned to us!

BCD Audio are happy to produce further units subject to an MOQ and would consider a further redesign if approached by the industry.