Presenter Audio monitor System ( PAM )

At the request of two large broadcasters in the UK, the PAM system was introduced.

The PAM-4 and PAM-6 outstations are deployed on the TV Studio floor, and allow the Presenters to control their desired mix of Program, Cleanfeed, Countdown and Talkback. The use of a remote controlled mixer rack and RS485 allowed minimal cabling. Gallery assignment and dual control from the Sound control room. Mic Live, Cue and Signalling features were essential features.

The Gallery rack uses remote controlled analogue mixer Eurocards, GPI in and out cards using the RMOS control system described elsewhere.

First deployed in 2012, all systems are still in use today.

Further systems were built in 2019, and an existing system extended in 2022.

The TFT switch used became unobtainable in 2018, and replaced by an LCD switch. The website pictures show the TFT version. Both versions are interchangeable in the field.

Available to special order. Contact BCD Audio sales for more detail.