The BCD Audio Black Box Range

The BCD Audio Black-box range is an easy to use series of essential broadcast quality audio interface products and test units.

DC powered 12-24V; ideal to use with low-cost power supplies and 12V buses. The units can free-stand, mount on brackets, or be supplied on 2U panels for one, two or four units. BCD will customize the units, for specific requirements. Standard units are available from BCD and its distributors. Enquiries for variants and new models are always welcome.

The widely used Auto Level Takers are high quality microphone amplifiers with automatic gain control for use in unattended studios. The different versions operate in the same way and are tuned to different applications.

The unit has applications in simple voice-over, translation and weather booths, unattended studios, talkback and emergency studio microphone applications.

Switches let the unit ‘ take’ the audio level, and select phantom power.

The balanced input and line level output are on XLR with unbalanced output and GPI on D type on the ALT-1D. The ALT-S adds a Stereo balanced to unbalance converter, for use with PC audio inputs.

The HPNS is a stand-alone, stereo headphone amplifier, with balanced inputs on XLR, and standard headphone jack sockets on the front and rear. Variants are available.

The HPN-1 is a low-cost mono amplifier, powered directly from an ALT-1D, to complete simple non-attended studio systems.

This unit converts AES-3 to SPDIF, and back again – essential to interface consumer equipment to a proper broadcast installation. AES-3 in/out are on XLR. SPDIF is on phono socket and TOSLINK fibre connectors. The unit automatically creates the correct consumer and professional channel status information, with switchable sample rate converters to isolate the consumer and professional side.

A top quality analogue to digital converter, with balanced XLR analogue input and AES-3 output.

The unit free-runs but can be locked to external DARS when required.

An optional mute GPI input is available to special order.

A top quality digital to analogue converter with balanced XLR AES-3 input and stereo analogue outputs.

This unique unit recovers low-level AES-3 signals on XLR, allowing longer cables to be used.

Fitted at the receiver end, the LAB-1 extends the usable length of cables to 500 metres.

Optimised for 48KHz, the unit will also run at other rates.

This unit converts AES-3 on XLR input to ST fibre, and back again. Conventional copper AES-3 circuits are limited to 100metre cable runs unless specialised recovery and equaliser equipment is used. The ST Fibre extends this range to 2 kilometres.

The FAB-1 is compatible with BCD’s range of Fibre Eurocards, allowing the FAB-1 to be used at the remote ends, and a 3U rack to be used in the apparatus room.

The Jitterbug is optimised to measure AES-3 signals from an installation point of view. Switchable between XLR and phono sockets, it measures the digital signal parameters. Menu buttons select the measurement, which is displayed on front panel, and optionally passed to a PC via RS232.

The signal carrier frequency and peak-jitter, normal and common-mode voltage levels, and uniquely the termination impedance are measurable.

The audio signal is passed to a small internal loudspeaker and mini jack for headphones. An error log mode allows the unit to be left testing a signal. The display freezes when an error is found. The unit also measures Wordclock level, frequency and jitter.

Matching the Jitterbug, the unit generates AES-3 on XLR at 48KHz or 96KHz, with optional DARS. Switches adjust the audio level and frequency, mute left and right, Vflag and phase check signal.

The unit runs stand-alone with front panel display, but is also controllable from a PC with RS232.

This unit is a portable, hand-held device and provides a variety of standard tones in AES-3 format.

The unit is optimised for use with 48KHz sample rates, and can be locked to external Wordclock.

The unit is DC powered, with an internal battery, for easy use in the field.

New for 2012, this unit is designed to experiment with the new AES-3 multichannel modes.

The unit creates 2, 4 and 8 channel signals in the new X196 AES-3 mode.

Standard AES-3 stereo is generated at 48, 96 and 192KHz sample rates, and multichannel signals are generated at 96 and 192KHz carrier rates. Switches select the carrier mode and audio signals.

The output is present on balanced XLR and 75R BNC. The unit free-runs, with external DARS.

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