It is now confirmed that BCD Audio will launch their new ALT-1D stand alone microphone amplifier at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam, and you can see it on the Canford stand 9-C01 in Hall 9.

BCD has just completed four more DAVE video edit mixers for a very well known national UK broadcaster who has recently relocated to new headquarters.

In broadcasting today automation is everywhere and as these services become more sophisticated, there is a high reliance on automation triggering via network GPI switches. Traditional GPI switch units are proving to be too slow for some of the demands, so we have been asked to quickly produce a solution, which we are just completing for our client.

This product provides 32 simple voltage mode GPI interfaces and uses the Installer-12 1U rack box with 4 Eurocards each. This is a simple product, but a very necessary systems building block.

BCD continue to supply customised systems electronics. We are building a number of units with 16 passive analogue audio impedance matching circuits per Eurocard, and then 18 Eurocards per 3U frame. There are 3 frames in the project. The original idea was to cram 21 cards into a 3U rack, but that needs 42 D37 connectors across the rear!

This would be just possible, but not sensible: try fixing it when its broke! Instead we have arrived at a back-connector assembly with 6 D37 connectors, that internally use IDC ribbon and direct pcb mounting.

The idea is to minimise wiring, and allows a rear connector for 3 modules to be withdrawn whilst leaving the other 5 back connectors in place.

We are also building 10 of our classic AMUs with PPM meters for another client.

We have just finished a Webcast-4 for Radio Clyde. They are part of Bauer radio group. That group took a Webcast-4 for Kiss FM last year.

We are also working on the AES multichannel concept, and will have some examples by IBC -I hope.