This company has a large stock of professional sound and lighting equipment that can be hired for events, conferences or production. They are especially active in the Theatre industry, and provide reliable, state of the art equipment solutions.
Over time, BCD Audio have produced equipment for them, badged as SSS ( stage sound services)

MADI-48 – 2014

This 1U unit packaged MIDI and MADI units in a rugged 1U box, and added 2:1 dual redundancy to the setup. This redundancy is important so that two playout systems can be used in the Theatre show, and easily switched over should one playout system cause trouble.
Two M-audio MIDI units and Digico USB to MADI boxes are located in the case, and wired via a BCD Audio designed 2:1 coax switcher for the redundant switching.

KVM LAN (netsynx)– 2015

This 1U unit packaged a lindy KVM unit a Netgear network switch and a BCD Audio designed wordclock distribution module. The KVM is switched on the front panel, and can be linked to the MADI-48 to complete the A/B switching.


This 1U unit contains two PAL video channels that are faded by incoming DMX512 from the lighting desk. The BCD designed circuit used a processor reading the DMX data stream and BCD thumbwheel switches to decide on channel code. A front panel switch flips the fade direction for flexibility and test. The PAL video signal section is faded from the lighting desk via DMX while the Video sync area is preserved.

MADI-96 – 2018

This 1U unit was similar to the MADI-48, except the MADI units were replaced by 96KHz versions. MADI in 96KHz mode reduces the channel count from 64 to 32 channels; the data rate of 125Mb/s remains the same. Roland USB MIDI units were used inside as these were smaller than the M-Audio units used before.