BCD Audio launches new web shop with new products

UK designer and manufacturer of broadcast and professional audio products, BCD Audio, has launched new products coinciding with the opening of their new web shop.

BCD Audio managing director Mike Law said
”We were asked to create these products for the television studios at New Broadcasting House, and are delighted to make them available to other users as well. All of these units are available from our new web shop, along with our Black Boxes and PAM audio monitor system. We hope customers will find the web shop a useful method of gathering information and placing purchases.”

BCD-DAVE is is an audio for video audio mixer, which takes SD or HD embedded audio, mixes it with a local microphone and audio via USB from a computer. The mix is re-embedded and is also available on USB to a computer, and on AES3. The microphone amplifier is a digital version of BCD’s popular ALT-1, and includes digital compression, limiting and AGC. The unit is optimised for news editing studios. A remote control panel with long throw P&G faders is included.

BCD-AMU is a 1U audio monitor that is simple to use, and takes up to eight AES3 inputs and four stereo analogue sources, with an SD/HD embedded audio option. The audio is selected from a simple eight-way selector, which is followed by mono left/right and phase reverse switches. Two 53-segment tri-colour bargraphs indicate the signal level to PPM standards, with fast overload detection and sum-difference switches. The loudspeaker output is controlled from front panel gain/balance with cut/dim switches and GPI. The output is available in analogue and AES3. Internal power amplifiers are an option. The headphones output is supplied to a jack, with switchable talkback from analogue or AES3 input. Split mode switching is used for talkback, with separate talkback level control.

BCD-ALM is a 1U rack-mounted broadcast style alarm unit. Intended for use in a racks room or control area, it is available with 4, 12 or 20 inputs. Each GPI input is configurable for isolated voltage or grounding contact, active high or low, momentary or latching inputs. On failure, each input indicates the fact on large illuminated switches, which are cancelled by pressing the appropriate button. A common alarm output relay can be used to interface the unit into larger installations, and an internal buzzer beeps when an alarm is active. The buzzer can be muted for 30 seconds, or muted totally by one button.

Established 25 years ago to provide high quality audio systems for radio and television broadcasting, BCD Audio’s in-house skills were immediately sought after by prestige clients including the BBC and ITV companies. Today, BCD Audio’s designs are heard and seen all over the world, keeping broadcasters on air 24/7. The product range has grown from pure analogue engineering to fully embrace today’s digital world, from standalone black box problem solvers, to dedicated rack mount units and full Eurocard infrastructure systems. BCD Audio can also deliver bespoke audio solutions to a client’s exacting requirements. At the forefront of technological advances, BCD designers use the latest digital systems, often implemented with FPGAs or processors with network control. BCD solutions now often involve video too, and the in house design skills include the processing of SD/HD video, with a bias towards audio embedding, de-embedding and DSP.In-house manufacturing has also evolved; BCD have their own surface-mount assembly plant, and are capable of producing units in-house with fine-pitch components on multi-layer boards.

Recent projects include an automatic audio-triggered webcast system for the UK Parliament, which has evolved into a radio station webcast system, a 1U HD video capable audio mixer, and a fully digital audio monitor unit. BCD Audio rack- based systems have been specified in recent OB truck, radio station and TV studio presenter audio monitoring designs.